Sample dataset A

Dataset details

Please note: the dataset presented here is a prototype that demonstrates the OFO functionality in development. It is not an official OFO dataset record.


Dataset parameters

Site name Sample dataset A
Site area (hectares) 4
Drone & camera model DJI Phantom 4 Advanced (integrated camera)
Number of photos 3,456
Flight altitude (m) 120
Ground sampling distance (cm)     3.3
Image overlap % (front/side) 90/90
Imagery collection date 2021-09-30
Dataset processing date 2021-10-15
Dataset processing parameters Parameter file
DEM resolution (cm) 10
Orthomosaic resolution (cm) 3.3
Point cloud point count 123,456

Stem map

Individual-tree stem map sample (subset, overlaid on orthomosaic)

sample stem map

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Digital surface model

DSM sample (subset)

sample DSM

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Canopy height model

CHM subset sample

sample CHM

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Orthomosaic sample

sample orthomosaic

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Point cloud

3D model sample

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Raw drone images

Sample drone images

Sample image 1  Sample image 1  Sample image 1 

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Features in development

  • Bulk dataset download web interface
  • Dataset download API